Closing Minnehaha Parkway

Minnehaha Parkway and Vehicle Traffic

I support keeping the Minnehaha Parkway open to vehicle traffic with 20-25 mph speed limits enforced. With the proposal to close the Parkway recently defeated by the Park Board, cyclists continue to have the option of riding on the bike path or the parkway, based on their comfort level and speed. 

As an avid cyclist and bike commuter, I recognize the importance of reducing car trips and carbon emissions across the city. This proposal would have done nothing to advance that goal. 

The process by which the proposal to close the parkway was advanced was almost as troubling as the proposal itself. Many Lynnhurst and Tangletown residents felt blind-sided. This proposal was not a concept that “bubbled up” from the community, nor did it consider the needs of all residents. More frequent parkway road maintenance and resurfacing is crucial to keeping cyclists who choose to ride on the parkway safe.  As your commissioner, I will vote to keep the Minnehaha Parkway open to vehicle traffic and will champion work with the city to improve parkway road maintenance. 

In addition, I believe separating the biking and walking paths along the creek would make walking, rolling and riding along the creek safer and more enjoyable for all.