Park Maintenance and Stewardship

Deferred maintenance can be observed in parks across Minneapolis. From leaky roofs to cracked courts and paths to erosion to invasive species to drought-stricken young trees – our renowned park system is not keeping up.

Today maintenance backlogs are most acute in the city’s large regional parks, including the Chain of Lakes, Minnehaha Creek Park, the Central River Corridor Park and others, which attract millions of visitors each year from outside our city, our state and beyond to experience the highly-promoted Minneapolis parks.

How can the Park Board do a better job stewarding the assets in its care?

As your Park Board commissioner, I will work with staff and colleagues to ensure greater fiscal responsibility and transparency about how existing and proposed new park assets are maintained. I will ask the questions about sustainability before new projects are approved.

As your Park Board commissioner, I will advocate at the State Capitol for a greater share of operating and maintenance funding for regional parks and utilize my legislative experience to advance these and other goals of the Park Board’s intergovernmental committee.

As your Park Board commissioner, I will support the equity investment matrix, which was created to prioritize investments in underserved areas. I will dig deep to understand where state, city and designated NPP20 maintenance and repair dollars are going.

As your Park Board commissioner, I will aggressively press for maintenance and repair of park amenities, buildings, infrastructure and equipment before it’s too late, and before other, new projects are considered.